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Illustrator CS5: Fairy tale storybook kitsch style

September 19, 2011

To say I took a break from the blog is a massive understatement, it was more like a vacation since my last post was March and it’s now September. A lot of things have happened, I’ve put my self-taught InDesign skills to good use and while I’ve been lax in putting more tutorials up, I’ve learnt lots of practical knowledge which is what counts (I may put down the useful ones some time in the future, hopefully soon).

I’ve now moved onto Illustrator CS5 and have already manoeuvred myself past the basics and experimented playing with the pen tool, shapes tool and so forth. I came across this quick and very cool tutorial on creating an attractive first page for a children’s fairy tale. It hadn’t occured to me at the tip to record my progress as I went along but then I managed to do it fairly quickly. You can see my result below:

Some quick pointers I liked were making a quick guide using grid (Object> Path> Split into Grid…) and warping the owl’s eyes and tummy pattern (Effect > Warp > Arch…) as well as the clipping mask for the castle and textured background. Very quick and useful tips I thought.

You might notice once you click through to the tutorial below is that my final result looks pretty damn near the same as the one that’s featured. All I can say is that I am a meticulous and anal person so I wanted near exact results and having a base template and colour swatch just helped it go faster. 😛

Credit and full step-by-step tutorial goes to Ian Yates, Vector Tuts.


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