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Windows 7 Taskbar: Can’t pin folders to Windows Explorer

March 3, 2011

Just thought I’d bring up this quick fix for this taskbar bug I was having recently with pinning folders on the windows explorer. I thought it was a minor glitch and a restart would help but it has been like that for several days so Googled for a solution, trawling through many help sites and forums but finally found one that went straight to the problem.

The problem: Folders I’d originally pinned onto Windows Explorer on taskbar has disappeared!


The fix (yay!):

  1. Open windows explorer and paste the following in the address bar
  2. Either delete the files which are bigger then 1mb or just delete all the files in there.
  3. Restart, or kill explorer.exe and re-enable it.

Note: if you delete all the files, then all the jumplists will be reset and you will need to pin the items again.

Credit of this quick and simple fix goes to kaffra from the Neowin forum.

  1. tesil permalink

    Thanks a lot! Works for me.

  2. Ginger permalink

    THANK YOU!! This was such a pain to troubleshoot your fix worked like a charm!!

  3. works for me as well, thanks

  4. Tom permalink

    Thank you SO much! Of all the advice I found for this fix, yours was the most helpful. I am again able to pin folders to Windows Explorer. I couldn’t figure out why my old jumplists disappeared. Thanks again for solution.

  5. I saw a few articles with this same fix, but yours is easy to understand! I couldn’t find the AutomaticDestinations folder until I pasted it in as you suggested. I don’t know that you should just delete everything in the folder. You really just need to delete 1 file – 1b4dd67f29cb1962.automaticDestinations-ms.

  6. Laurel permalink

    Thanks! Big shoutout to kaffra 😀

  7. joe blow permalink

    ROCK ON!!! You da man!!! or woman!!! as it may be.

  8. Brian permalink

    This folder does not exist on my system, and I still have the problem of not being able to add shortcuts.

  9. Brian permalink

    Found my fix. An optimization program I’d ran previously actually deleted the function from my registry! had the fix.

  10. Pablo permalink


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