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Maroon 5 at o2 Academy, Brixton (Feb 18 2011)

February 19, 2011


I had such an amazing time at this concert. Having arrived semi-on time, my friend and I grabbed a spot on the front right (ladies toilet side) so we were pretty close and despite it getting packed, we didn’t lose our space. I’ve never been in the Brixton o2 Academy but loved it straight away as it is built using classic Greek/ Roman style architecture. The foliage, statues, roof-like interior and top balconies on either side gives you a feeling that you’re outside. I also love the historical juxtaposition of the ancient and the modern.

IMAG0553Sara Bareilles was the opening act and she sang very well, her timing with the music was spot on. She also added extra personality and attitude into her singing with strategic stresses and pauses.

However, this was spoilt somewhat by some pretty annoying girls in front of me, one had a really bushy and curly ponytail which she constantly kept swishing in the direction I tried to look at. Another bunch would flash the damn camera into my face as they would take pictures of themselves (it’s a damn concert, stop giggling, talking and taking vain pictures of yourself and listen to her sing!) Another pair were more sinister as they would keep looking back at me (or the general direction behind me) with some…distasteful and dirty looks on their faces (I am not paranoid, my friend noticed this too!). As if this wasn’t enough, there was a guy whose head I can only say resembled that of a tree trunk the way it would eclipse everything in front of it.

Safe to say, my view decently and definitely sucked! I seriously had the urge to grab that girl’s ponytail, tell those bunch of girls to shut up, give dirty looks back to the other and throw something at that tree trunk.

Once Sara Bareilles came off and there was an interval of setting up, I desperately wanted to improve my so-called view and position and tried to deceptively shift positions. Let’s just say I damn well succeeded and had a great view after that! The pair of French girls (the ones who gave dirty looks-I found this out later) asked us to swap places in their own hopes of getting a better spot. I obviously said no.

Maroon 5 opened up with ‘Misery’ and already the atmosphere was just buzzing. I really love the atmosphere of a live crowd (despite some negatives like I pointed out earlier). The band was just amazing, something has to be said about the unity of the band members and how they also let loose and just played like crazy.

Whenever Adam Levine would approach the right side of the stage, lots of cameras would go up and disrupt my view, I decided not to bring my own camera phone out as I just wanted to be in the moment and enjoy the music (that and I already tested my camera phone out with the opening act and the quality sucked big time – as if you can’t already tell from the one pic of Sara above).

Anyways, instead of the tedious effort of taking a million pictures and cramping up my arms to take videos, I opted to take audio. The results are…mixed but definitely worth it the little effort it took. I’ve chosen two segments which I’ve cleaned up as much as I could and added pictures though it’s probably better to just listen to it.

The first is Maroon 5 singing Alicia Keyes’ ‘If I ain’t got you’ – was a nice surprise and great fun to sing along to.

Maroon 5 sings Alicia Keyes’ ‘If I ain’t got you.’

Adam Levine makes a phone call…

This next one is my favourite because it’s so damn hilarious and once in a lifetime kind of occurrence, when Adam Levine gives into the urge to make a phone call…lol.

If you’re having trouble listening to what he says, you can find the dialogue in text form below the video (aren’t I nice?). You should read it alongside the audio as his reaction is priceless (there might be slight errors or bits I’ve missed out but in essence, I got it on the dot!)

“Of course there’s always going to be fine young ladies here tonight.”

“How many of you guys were here last night?”

“17 of you, cool.”

[band member plays guitar to imminent song and is cut off…]

“Ok, I can’t help myself, we have to do this.”

“So, I’ve been told this is a new phenomenon in a live concert setting. How many of you, by a show of hands in your enthusiasm, is calling someone right now? You have a phone right. This is a trend that I was not aware of, I thought if someone simply had a camera, taking video and pictures or something but the new ‘call your girl’ and just flash it…I kinda like to sing it anyway though right..but mostly to your friends but I would like to talk to your friend frankly.” [Gestures to fan]

[Takes phone from fan]

“Now, I was really sceptical about speaking tonight because I did it last night, because I noticed there was a phone call happening during earlier in the concert.”


“Lois.” [Dials number”]


“Lois…Lois, oh my god, really really bad time for bad reception sweetheart. She can’t hear me now…or me, think you…you could…hello hello? Lois, LOIS GODAMMIT!”

“Lois is no longer with us.”

“We could call her back.”

“Give me a minute…give me a break…ah…this phone sucks!”

“I’m so sorry, oh wait…oh no, I don’t wanna leave a message, oh god.”

[passes phone back to fan] “Lois is officially probably your least favourite personal friend.”

“What we doing…”

“Now that that didn’t work out at all for me. Now I’m calling people…”

“Think I’m gonna sing a song called ‘She will be loved’”

[Kick-ass singing ensues…]

If you keep listening, you can hear Adam Levine doing what he usually does in concerts and that’s orchestrating the crowd to sing! And if you listen to the end, you’ll hear that we failed, big time! lol. My side stopped singing ‘She will be loved…’ after he moved which was totally wrong!

After this Maroon 5 played an amazing  20 minute medley followed by an out-of-this-world encore. This night was just the best, had so much fun! Definitely must go again!


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