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My Chemical Romance Concert 2011

February 15, 2011

What I’m about to say will probably make you *gasp and shake your head in disbelief but I have never heard of My Chemical Romance before this concert…I’ve also not been to Wembley Arena before but that’s less shocking I imagine.

My friend swiped some of their tickets last month as an addition to her Birthday concert marathon – we are going to another this Friday, Maroon 5 if you’re interested and yes, I have heard of them of before.

In a previous post, I already mentioned that I had dinner prior to the concert (two words – disastrous disappointment), anyways that post was a prelude to this one. After the long ride from Piccadilly Circus to Wembley Central, we got off and preceded to ‘follow’ the crowd for the rest of the way. It seemed to be the most logical (at that time) thing we could do since the arena wasn’t that far away (we suspected that’s what tfl’s 20 minutes meant). Let’s just say after going back to cross a road we didn’t need to and walking what seemed like a very long and windy 20 minutes, we arrived at our destination.

Flashing our tickets at a guy who pointed out which entrance we needed to go in, another guy checked my bag and found…um…noodles.  After dinner I bought some of my favourite Kimchi noodles as I was craving for it later. Probably the only one who brings noodles to a MCR concert. After popping the cap of our water bottle,we went in and eventually found our seats.


See if you can guess whereabouts we were sitting from the angle of these pictures and then push it all the way to the back seat.

Despite being so far away, acoustically it was still very powerful the whole performance. I’m putting this down to the bands and not the speakers because simply being loud is not the same as being ‘powerful.’

Safe to say that I had an awesome time, the two opening acts were LostAlone and The Blackout. I can’t remember much of the first because by the time we got there and got into our seats, I’m pretty sure The Blackout were already playing. Either that or I did not notice any transition whatsoever.

Below is a clip from The Blackout, I think it was an amazing performance. They did many songs and really riled up the crowd. As I was so far away, my camera could only compensate to a certain amount, nevertheless the effect of the lighting and timing of the music is just unexpectedly wicked!

The Blackout opening act

After The Blackout ‘kicked our asses’ into loosening up for MCR, there was quite a lull before they came on. The crowd resorted to doing waves and at one point the Macarena (prompted by three energetic and not shy girls in the ground stands).

During the opening act performance, I had noticed there was a lack of screens which I was unaccustomed to (having been to the o2 where you get multiple ones) so was very sceptical if the small screen just above the stage would make a difference at all. Once MCR finally came on, the screen helped though I would have preferred more close up shots (being so far away).

I recorded only a few clips, of which I’ve chosen two to upload. The first is ‘Sing!’ and the second ‘Planetary Go!’

MCR – Sing!
MCR–Planetary Go!

One thing I noticed is that there is a great variety amongst the MCR fans. There were not only teens but also older generations and next to me sat a Dad with his punkie spiked hair son. Rock on!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would go again though I would need some stamina boosting snacks and drinks and a really comfortable pair of shoes! One benefit for those at the back is that you can feel the air con more, towards the end of the concert, I was freezing!

Also, another cool thing during the performance was that Gerard (main singer) picked up a fan’s present – a blue, red and white striped blazer with an emblem on the back (I guess she must have thrown it on stage) and after we chanted him to ‘put it on’, he did. This is not the amazing part, the amazing part is that he kept it on for a whole song despite being so damn hot (we know because he mentioned this before).

The only thing left to say is that I’m now an MCR fan.

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