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InDesign CS5 Quick Tutorial: Moving around the document

February 11, 2011

Here we will learn different ways of moving around and zooming in and out of a document . The most basic way of doing this is by using the hand tool and zoom tool. Both of which are found on the tool panel (panels and windows were explained in an earlier post).

hand toolHand Tool – Keyboard shortcut (H)

zoomZoom Tool – Keyboard shortcut (Z)

This is by far the most inefficient way of zipping around a document. Keyboard shortcuts are by far the quickest and easiest way to get around a document.

You can find these shortcuts under the ‘View’ menu, if you ever forget.

Using zoom tool click (zoom in)alt + click (zoom out)
Zooming in or out ctrl + –/ +
To get  and use zoom tool temporarily ctrl + spacebar (zooming in)
ctrl + alt + spacebar (zooming out)
Zoom in on a particular area ctrl + spacebar + draw a box
Hand tool (temporarily) spacebar + drag (this doesn’t work if you are working on an active text box)
alt + spacebar + drag
Fit page in window ctrl + 0
Fit spread in window alt + ctrl + 0
Scroll up and down scroll bar or mouse wheel
Scroll side-to-side ctrl + mouse wheel

‘Hidden’ Keys

Here are some very handy ones that is not shown in the ‘View’ menu:

zoom 200% ctrl + 2
zoom 400% ctrl + 4
zoom 50% ctrl + 5

Power Zoom

This is useful for maintaining same level of zoom but on a different part of a page.

  1. Get this by using the hand tool shortcut (alt + spacebar), hold down for 1-2 seconds.
  2. You will then zoom out and get a red box.
  3. Move around and release to zoom back in at the same zoom level.

power zoom

Tip: scrolling up and down whilst using power zoom changes the level of zoom (red box changes to reflect this).

Extra Know-how

View menu> Actual size (ctrl + 1)

This doesn’t actually mean the actual size of the document because Adobe software still thinks that we are using 720 dpi monitors when in actual fact, we no longer do but use far higher resolutions, i.e. 960 dpi+. The same applies to the rulers, an inch on screen isn’t really an inch on screen. Therefore, actual size doesn’t mean actual size. Just thought you’d like to know this extra know-how.

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