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InDesign CS5 Quick Tutorial: Application Window

February 10, 2011

I’ve never been one for tutorials that take ages to get to the core of the material so while I am brushing up on the basics of InDesign and making notes along the way, I thought I’d start this series of ‘InDesign CS5 Quick Tutorials.’ Quick, bitesize, no nonsense faff of all the basics of InDesign.

This first post will look at the windows you will see when you first bring up InDesign CS5. This might be a little mundane but bare with me as it’s essential to know what you’re looking at face value.

indesign cs5 screenshot labelled2

Application frame: What InDesign is contained within.

Application bar: On a mac, this is an optional bar but in windows, it pretty much stays where it is. This will be explained in a later post.

Control panel: Gives you info of items and lets you control them on your page.

Document window: Contains your rulers, paste board (the white surrounding) and your document. The paste board allows you to put items you do not want to appear on your document but may still be useful, e.g. notes, extra or optional images and text.

On your document:

  • Black line indicates the edge of your printed page/ spread.
  • Coloured lines indicate ‘guides’ lines which help you place text and objects. For example, the pink and magenta lines you see indicate the margin lines.

Tool panel: Gives you all the tools you need to construct your page.

Menus: There are shortcuts for many of these useful menu items but if you don’t know them, then you use the menu to begin with to get familiar with it.

Side Panels: useful panels which you add more to and click on to expand. Some are handy to have open, such as the pages panel which shows you all of the pages and gives you flyout menus (which offers extra options).

Just so you know, I am not an expert on InDesign (not yet that is…), more of an intermediate who has been self taught using own practical use and play as well as other tutorials online.

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