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Fictional Week of Life: Thursday – Friday

January 4, 2011

Ok…so, I’m having trouble putting down what I would do morning, afternoon and evenings. Frankly, it is kind of depressing because I don’t want to plan out my whole day out so minutely, in short term it’s fine I guess but long term…well, that just pretty much sucks (pardon my slang and oh, my French too – yes, bad joke if you didn’t or did get it).

Mornings – the usual breakfast of herbal tea and toast followed by morning tele. I would get to ‘work’ in the afternoons and evenings. I think I would prefer a flexible and loose schedule if I had to work. I find that a normal 9-5, which would probably suit most people and that’s fine, would not suit me if I did not have to. I could still do it but it really depends on what I’d be doing, which goes back to what would I be doing if I didn’t need to work?…

I am absolutely clueless.

I can play with a thousand ideas (ok, just a small handful) but without trying it out, I just have no idea because the truth is the reality of it will always be different from what’s in my head. I guess I could ask people who actually do some of the things I’m considering and see what they say. Advice I see is my best bet. Interesting…

I guess this is fast becoming a non-fictional week of contemplation (contradiction in itself)  rather than the exercise as outlined.

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