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Fictional Week of Life: Monday – Wednesday

January 3, 2011

I find it difficult to write minute specifics on what I would do everyday so have to decided to break it down into three parts. Mon – Wed, Thurs – Fri and Sat – Sun.

Mornings for me in general I find are usually pretty pointless unless I need to be up for something important, therefore I usually wake up around midday whenever I have the luxury to. After doing so, I will have cravings for green tea or Japanese brown rice tea (I like to alternate teas) and cathedral cheese on toast. I will most likely watch television while I eat this.

Afternoons really depend on my mood again, most days I am content to snuggle up and watch TV and films all day or surf whatever catches my fancy that day. I don’t really have a structure for any particular day, I have plans which are pre-determined. Ok, so far this is a pretty ordinary and mundane schedule for a day but considering I’ve already accomplished most of the basic stuff that you do once you win the lottery (pay off debts, go shopping, maybe a new house, holiday, etc). Most days will be the same old and I’m happy for it carry on so. Lots of money doesn’t necessarily equate to happiness. It affords you more opportunities, more time to do them possibly. I would spend my afternoon and evening figuring out which skills I would like to acquire or further develop. A brainstorm of ideas would be jotted down, things would include learning a new language or honing a pre-existing one (my Chinese most preferably), editing classes and training in design software (Photoshop and InDesign) towards a solid qualification. Among this, I would of course take breaks, have dinner and catch a movie or two and some reading before bed.

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