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Fictional Week of Life (after winning the lottery)

January 1, 2011

You may wonder what my first blog of 2011 is about (though by the title it is pretty obvious) but probably more on why I have chosen this topic at all to write about. As part of my placement where I currently work, I have been given homework and this is pretty much it. This sounded very interesting to me at first but quickly the reality of it sinks in and it is much harder and scarier than I thought it could be. I then thought “hey, why not make this scarier and write the week out as a series of blogs?” Well, this is me being brave and all at the start of the new year. Before I forget, “Happy New Year all!”

Outline for this exercise are as follows:

Blue Sky Journal – the aim of this exercise is to get you thinking through the details of what your ideal job could involve.

Imagine that you have received a very large sum of money as gift with no strings attached. You have paid off all your debts and given out sums for friends and family but there is still enough left over for you to not have to work for several years, WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

    1. What does the Monday of that week look like? Morning, afternoon and at night
    2. What do the other days of the week look like similarly?

I think the title ‘Blue Sky Journal’ is very appropriate because you usually ponder such ‘what if’ things when you stare into the empty space that is the blue sky.

Anyways, to get back on track, I will be writing like crazy for the next few days (because there is a deadline can you imagine…) and up until now, I’ve been well…thinking. I also have ‘writer’s privilege’ which to any writer should be bliss but to me, it just means I can write on forever. For the sake of my fingers and mind, I will not do this but instead keep it succinct and to the point which means minimizing the waffling which I am doing now.

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