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Final Fantasy FFXIII Magazine project

November 8, 2010

This post is actually a consolidation of a few older posts that I did earlier this year. While this been put on hold, I did manage to pick up some new skills and create a fairly awesome (I think so!) front cover for a fictional magazine. Below you can see a working progress of it and how it looks completed.

FXII Front Cover

I initially went through some Adobe Indesign tutorial videos but found i learn better through practical use and so the idea for this magazine project came into existence.

Useful? Snippets on the process

Here are just some snippets on the process I took with the front cover, which i find might be useful to others:

  • In order to put the  magazine’s name and the bumper like-sticker in between the background and character. An effect seen in many magazines, I used Photoshop to clip a path before importing into Indesign (I followed this clipping path tutorial to do this.)”
  • Inspiration for the name of my fictional magazine went along the lines of me thinking of something fantastical because the genre of the magazine is games and games allow us to escape into our own worlds or others. Atlantis just sounded right as well as quite cool as its a mythological city lost beneath the waves.
  • The layout was based on an existing Empire magazine.
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