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knit, cowl, neck warmer, circle, buttoned, slit scarf?

October 31, 2010

The post title sums up the keywords of a certain style of scarf i have been searching for. I find there is no definitive description or name to accurately and correctly bring up the kind i want. Luckily, I managed to find it on Yesstyle.

Yesstyle buttoned knit circle scarf I loved the idea you could wear this on top of  jackets or coats, giving you that extra warmth and of course, style .

I would knit this myself but without a pattern to follow, i am simply hopeless. An on and off knitter, i have only ever completed one project, for a secret santa i had amongst friends. It came out really good, very snuggly.

Below you can see the end result being modelled by the lovely recipient of the present (hoping this will appease her if she finds out i posted this picture of her ).

red cowl knit scarfRed cowl knit scarf modelled by the gorgeous Jay

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