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HTC Desire: How to free up internal memory without rooting

It’s been a year since I’ve had my HTC Desire, while it’s a great phone and one I plan to use for many years to come (how long my phones usually (should) last for), the phone’s low internal memory has always bugged the hell out of me. This is a common problem that all HTC Desire users have and while there have been temporary fixes such as the App2SD or 1 Tap Clean Cache app, the problem still remains!

For awhile I’ve just kind of had to ignore and live with the problem of the phone’s limited capability because that’s what it’s essentially doing even though the phone itself is really powerful!

I came close to the idea of rooting my phone, having Googled and read up on it A LOT and even taking some of the preliminary steps to ensure my phone was the correct this and that to allow the root. I ended up chucking the idea because even if there is (supposedly) a small margin of risk that the phone will ‘brick’, I still didn’t like those odds. Especially since rooting a phone is new territory for me. I wouldn’t start to know how to troubleshoot such a problem if it did indeed ‘brick.’

My next alternative was finding a way to install apps on the sd card by default because having it install on internal memory then moved to sd card is hopeless if you haven’t much space to start with as it wouldn’t let you install it in the first place. So I finally found a method that seemed pretty simple and straightforward and finally actually works!

I found the non-rooting fix from felix1318 on though I suspect the original was from Lars Aronsson from Androinica. It worked like a charm for me.

Two things I did notice that were slightly different from the steps were the directories you needed to go to in steps 3 and 4. This is probably because the guide is one year old and the Android SDK software has been updated since. Here are the updates:

  • In step 3, it says to find the folder android-sdk\usb_driver but for me it was android-sdk\extras\google\usb_driver
  • In step 4, in the cmd (command) panel you need to navigate to C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools instead of tools to find adb devices because apparently the adb devices moved directory. It flags this up somewhere but can’t remember when it did.
One problem I came up against (which you find you might have) is that on step 2 where you needed to download and install the usb driver using Android SDK Manager, I found the software somewhat buggy because it would download less than 10% before it would freeze and after many restarts (of the program), I found that it downloaded if you clicked it again despite the other download window being there (and frozen).
I also like the idea that I can reverse this fix though if you read the guide, you would see you wouldn’t have to though I did find some of widgets do not load properly even though it’s installed on the internal memory.
Apart from that, I am able to move existing apps to sd card that I originally could not before though you have to be careful about this (I was so excited I went overboard) because it means that app takes a little longer to load after sd card is mounted or on booting up. Also could potentially make your widgets not function properly.

Happy non-rooting!


Naru restaurant review

I’ve been to this restaurant many times and instantly loved the atmosphere, the food but not the service as much. I went again recently because craving and a friend demanded it.

The exterior or  interior did not seem to change much, with the exception of the cute paper lanterns, it was still a cosy and bright atmosphere with a real Korean feel. I always find it suspect when I go to a Korean restaurant that plays contemporary English music. The whole point is to experience some culture and that does not just apply to the food. Anyways, so thumbs up for Naru for playing Korean music and up-to-date at that because I recognised 2pm’s ‘Put your hands up’ and CNBlue’s ‘You’ve fallen for me.’ I was ecstatic at the latter as I had just finished watching the drama.

Usually when I come here or any other Korean restaurant, I always eye up the Korean classics such as Yuk Hwe (raw sliced beef), Korean pancake and ddukboki (rice cakes). A fan of this place, I decided to try some other dishes on the menu. Dishes I ordered that I’ve never had before were:

  • Ke Sal Ssam (Pancakes with crab, mixed salad, sliced courgettes, carrots, mushrooms with mustard honey sauce)

  • Yuk Gye Jang (Spicy soup made from shredded beef, vegetables simmered for a long time with steamed rice)
  • O Sam Bul Go Ki (Soy & chill sauce marinated sliced pork and calamari with lettuce)
  • Kal Bi Koo-Yi (Beef Ribs Barbeque) Roast of thinly sliced beef rib marinated in a special sauce with lettuce

The Ke Sal Ssam (pancakes) remind me of traditional Chinese duck wraps but the wrap itself was much smaller, thicker, more fragile and soft. You have to put a bit of everything and then mustard on top before wrapping up to eat. Let’s just say you can be as generous with this as you want but that you should always include the mustard or exclude the cabbage portion because I found it was quite bitter.

The Yuk Gye Jang (spicy beef soup) was divine alongside everything else, with a sharp taste that just tied it all in.

The O Sam Bul Go Ki (marinated sliced pork can calamari) was also very nice with the lettuce though I found the sweet sauce overpowering after several mouthfuls but that may just be because I can’t stand sweet things for long.

The Kal Bi Koo-Yi (Beef Ribs Barbeque) were delicious and came in a mini-sized wok heated by one of those white cubes. It was adorable to say the least. This dish is also funny because there was a piece of large bone with meat around that that was very hard to bite, or chew! I can safely say caution because it’s the chewy part of the meat. You can avoid or try to tackle it as I did. Good way to ensure some good laughs.

The Yuk Hwe (raw sliced beef) is a Korean delicacy that time and time again, I’ve always eaten because…it’s so yummy! The dish itself was superbly arranged and unlike other restaurants you get that have the same dish, this one did not come partially frozen (a danger you face with this dish).

I’d like to say the service was great, that everything was as it should have been and so forth but it was just not so. The food arrived in a moderately, timely fashion but marks off for the small things the service missed out on, such as forgetting to bring a napkin after taking the other way (this was essential for wiping your mouth whilst eating spicy food!). The waitress was always courteous and apologetic for such things but you did notice you were forgotten amongst other customers.


Food: 5/5

Service: 3/5

Atmosphere: 4/5

Pricing: 4/5

Verdict: Excellent Korean food and moderately priced though service sometimes is a downer.

Restaurant can be found at 230 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8EG


Clouds at sunset at Stealth, Thorpe Park

Cloud of the month (yes, not every week anymore – cuts down my workload :P) is during sunset at Stealth, Thorpe Park. It was an awesome day, having pretty much done the full gig, from am to closing time (i.e. getting kicked out by security guards). The picture was taken towards the end after going on the mammoth ride twice in 5 minutes! The reason being it just opened up again so we breezed in and out many times (I deemed two was enough for me). I noticed these clouds overhead and it just looked wicked beside the roller-coaster.

Illustrator CS5: Fairy tale storybook kitsch style

To say I took a break from the blog is a massive understatement, it was more like a vacation since my last post was March and it’s now September. A lot of things have happened, I’ve put my self-taught InDesign skills to good use and while I’ve been lax in putting more tutorials up, I’ve learnt lots of practical knowledge which is what counts (I may put down the useful ones some time in the future, hopefully soon).

I’ve now moved onto Illustrator CS5 and have already manoeuvred myself past the basics and experimented playing with the pen tool, shapes tool and so forth. I came across this quick and very cool tutorial on creating an attractive first page for a children’s fairy tale. It hadn’t occured to me at the tip to record my progress as I went along but then I managed to do it fairly quickly. You can see my result below:

Some quick pointers I liked were making a quick guide using grid (Object> Path> Split into Grid…) and warping the owl’s eyes and tummy pattern (Effect > Warp > Arch…) as well as the clipping mask for the castle and textured background. Very quick and useful tips I thought.

You might notice once you click through to the tutorial below is that my final result looks pretty damn near the same as the one that’s featured. All I can say is that I am a meticulous and anal person so I wanted near exact results and having a base template and colour swatch just helped it go faster. 😛

Credit and full step-by-step tutorial goes to Ian Yates, Vector Tuts.

Windows 7 Taskbar: Can’t pin folders to Windows Explorer

Just thought I’d bring up this quick fix for this taskbar bug I was having recently with pinning folders on the windows explorer. I thought it was a minor glitch and a restart would help but it has been like that for several days so Googled for a solution, trawling through many help sites and forums but finally found one that went straight to the problem.

The problem: Folders I’d originally pinned onto Windows Explorer on taskbar has disappeared!


The fix (yay!):

  1. Open windows explorer and paste the following in the address bar
  2. Either delete the files which are bigger then 1mb or just delete all the files in there.
  3. Restart, or kill explorer.exe and re-enable it.

Note: if you delete all the files, then all the jumplists will be reset and you will need to pin the items again.

Credit of this quick and simple fix goes to kaffra from the Neowin forum.

InDesign CS5 Quick Tutorial: Pages and Sections

Here’s a quick lowdown on page numbers, sections and how to get your numberings right for documents with front covers. This is an issue most people would come across when working with documents where the first page is not the first page but the front cover.

Managing Pages

For page options, you can either use the menu bar, layout> pages or the pages panel (window> pages to bring it up if it’s not).

Tip: For better pages panel thumbnail layout, go to flyout menu> uncheck vertical and > select bigger thumbnail.

Inserting pages:

Pages panel> ‘Insert new page’ icon new page inserts new page after selected page.

OR Pages panel>Holding ALT + clicking ‘insert new page’ icon new page opens a page dialog allowing more options.

Tip: When inserting new pages, always add in EVEN number to avoid layout disruption.

To quickly duplicate existing pages:

Pages panel> ALT + click + drag page thumbnail in between or at end of page thumbnail layout (this works for all other objects such as text and images).

Tip: Holding CTRL or CTRL + SHIFT to select specific or all pages works here too.

Inserting page numbers:

Pages panel> Master page

Tool panel> Text tool text tool > drag a box bigger than needed to where you want it (usually lower corners of page)

Menu bar> Type> insert special character> markers> current page number

(Keyboard shortcut: CTRL + SHIRT + ALT + N)


This is extremely helpful if you need to make it so your first page starts on the second or third page.

If starting from a new document: File> new> document> start page #> …(type starting number)

Pages panel> select page> flyout menu> numbering and section options> select start page numbering at>…(type starting number)

(Just press ok when a dialog comes up warning you of duplicate pages)

pages panel

The downward arrows indicate sections and clicking it also brings up the numbering and sections dialog. Doing so gives you options to change numbering style, i.e. roman numerals.

Important Note: If you are making the second page as the page one, deselect ‘allow document pages to shuffle’ under pages panel flyout menu. Otherwise you will end up with one single page (took me awhile to figure this out!) However, you don’t need to do this if your page one is on the third page.

Finding a specific page:

layout> go to page> …type in page number

For documents with duplicate page numbers (i.e. like the screenshot above) or with no ‘page 5’ for example, use absolute page numbering.

Just type ‘+ [page number]’

I’ve tried to strip down the info as much as possible because I find many tutorials online tend to be quite long winded despite not trying to. This tutorial assumes you have the software and should be followed accompanied with it. Hope it was useful.

Previous posts include CS5 App Windows and Moving around the document

Maroon 5 at o2 Academy, Brixton (Feb 18 2011)


I had such an amazing time at this concert. Having arrived semi-on time, my friend and I grabbed a spot on the front right (ladies toilet side) so we were pretty close and despite it getting packed, we didn’t lose our space. I’ve never been in the Brixton o2 Academy but loved it straight away as it is built using classic Greek/ Roman style architecture. The foliage, statues, roof-like interior and top balconies on either side gives you a feeling that you’re outside. I also love the historical juxtaposition of the ancient and the modern.

IMAG0553Sara Bareilles was the opening act and she sang very well, her timing with the music was spot on. She also added extra personality and attitude into her singing with strategic stresses and pauses.

However, this was spoilt somewhat by some pretty annoying girls in front of me, one had a really bushy and curly ponytail which she constantly kept swishing in the direction I tried to look at. Another bunch would flash the damn camera into my face as they would take pictures of themselves (it’s a damn concert, stop giggling, talking and taking vain pictures of yourself and listen to her sing!) Another pair were more sinister as they would keep looking back at me (or the general direction behind me) with some…distasteful and dirty looks on their faces (I am not paranoid, my friend noticed this too!). As if this wasn’t enough, there was a guy whose head I can only say resembled that of a tree trunk the way it would eclipse everything in front of it.

Safe to say, my view decently and definitely sucked! I seriously had the urge to grab that girl’s ponytail, tell those bunch of girls to shut up, give dirty looks back to the other and throw something at that tree trunk.

Once Sara Bareilles came off and there was an interval of setting up, I desperately wanted to improve my so-called view and position and tried to deceptively shift positions. Let’s just say I damn well succeeded and had a great view after that! The pair of French girls (the ones who gave dirty looks-I found this out later) asked us to swap places in their own hopes of getting a better spot. I obviously said no.

Maroon 5 opened up with ‘Misery’ and already the atmosphere was just buzzing. I really love the atmosphere of a live crowd (despite some negatives like I pointed out earlier). The band was just amazing, something has to be said about the unity of the band members and how they also let loose and just played like crazy.

Whenever Adam Levine would approach the right side of the stage, lots of cameras would go up and disrupt my view, I decided not to bring my own camera phone out as I just wanted to be in the moment and enjoy the music (that and I already tested my camera phone out with the opening act and the quality sucked big time – as if you can’t already tell from the one pic of Sara above).

Anyways, instead of the tedious effort of taking a million pictures and cramping up my arms to take videos, I opted to take audio. The results are…mixed but definitely worth it the little effort it took. I’ve chosen two segments which I’ve cleaned up as much as I could and added pictures though it’s probably better to just listen to it.

The first is Maroon 5 singing Alicia Keyes’ ‘If I ain’t got you’ – was a nice surprise and great fun to sing along to.

Maroon 5 sings Alicia Keyes’ ‘If I ain’t got you.’

Adam Levine makes a phone call…

This next one is my favourite because it’s so damn hilarious and once in a lifetime kind of occurrence, when Adam Levine gives into the urge to make a phone call…lol.

If you’re having trouble listening to what he says, you can find the dialogue in text form below the video (aren’t I nice?). You should read it alongside the audio as his reaction is priceless (there might be slight errors or bits I’ve missed out but in essence, I got it on the dot!)

“Of course there’s always going to be fine young ladies here tonight.”

“How many of you guys were here last night?”

“17 of you, cool.”

[band member plays guitar to imminent song and is cut off…]

“Ok, I can’t help myself, we have to do this.”

“So, I’ve been told this is a new phenomenon in a live concert setting. How many of you, by a show of hands in your enthusiasm, is calling someone right now? You have a phone right. This is a trend that I was not aware of, I thought if someone simply had a camera, taking video and pictures or something but the new ‘call your girl’ and just flash it…I kinda like to sing it anyway though right..but mostly to your friends but I would like to talk to your friend frankly.” [Gestures to fan]

[Takes phone from fan]

“Now, I was really sceptical about speaking tonight because I did it last night, because I noticed there was a phone call happening during earlier in the concert.”


“Lois.” [Dials number”]


“Lois…Lois, oh my god, really really bad time for bad reception sweetheart. She can’t hear me now…or me, think you…you could…hello hello? Lois, LOIS GODAMMIT!”

“Lois is no longer with us.”

“We could call her back.”

“Give me a minute…give me a break…ah…this phone sucks!”

“I’m so sorry, oh wait…oh no, I don’t wanna leave a message, oh god.”

[passes phone back to fan] “Lois is officially probably your least favourite personal friend.”

“What we doing…”

“Now that that didn’t work out at all for me. Now I’m calling people…”

“Think I’m gonna sing a song called ‘She will be loved’”

[Kick-ass singing ensues…]

If you keep listening, you can hear Adam Levine doing what he usually does in concerts and that’s orchestrating the crowd to sing! And if you listen to the end, you’ll hear that we failed, big time! lol. My side stopped singing ‘She will be loved…’ after he moved which was totally wrong!

After this Maroon 5 played an amazing  20 minute medley followed by an out-of-this-world encore. This night was just the best, had so much fun! Definitely must go again!

My Chemical Romance Concert 2011

What I’m about to say will probably make you *gasp and shake your head in disbelief but I have never heard of My Chemical Romance before this concert…I’ve also not been to Wembley Arena before but that’s less shocking I imagine.

My friend swiped some of their tickets last month as an addition to her Birthday concert marathon – we are going to another this Friday, Maroon 5 if you’re interested and yes, I have heard of them of before.

In a previous post, I already mentioned that I had dinner prior to the concert (two words – disastrous disappointment), anyways that post was a prelude to this one. After the long ride from Piccadilly Circus to Wembley Central, we got off and preceded to ‘follow’ the crowd for the rest of the way. It seemed to be the most logical (at that time) thing we could do since the arena wasn’t that far away (we suspected that’s what tfl’s 20 minutes meant). Let’s just say after going back to cross a road we didn’t need to and walking what seemed like a very long and windy 20 minutes, we arrived at our destination.

Flashing our tickets at a guy who pointed out which entrance we needed to go in, another guy checked my bag and found…um…noodles.  After dinner I bought some of my favourite Kimchi noodles as I was craving for it later. Probably the only one who brings noodles to a MCR concert. After popping the cap of our water bottle,we went in and eventually found our seats.


See if you can guess whereabouts we were sitting from the angle of these pictures and then push it all the way to the back seat.

Despite being so far away, acoustically it was still very powerful the whole performance. I’m putting this down to the bands and not the speakers because simply being loud is not the same as being ‘powerful.’

Safe to say that I had an awesome time, the two opening acts were LostAlone and The Blackout. I can’t remember much of the first because by the time we got there and got into our seats, I’m pretty sure The Blackout were already playing. Either that or I did not notice any transition whatsoever.

Below is a clip from The Blackout, I think it was an amazing performance. They did many songs and really riled up the crowd. As I was so far away, my camera could only compensate to a certain amount, nevertheless the effect of the lighting and timing of the music is just unexpectedly wicked!

The Blackout opening act

After The Blackout ‘kicked our asses’ into loosening up for MCR, there was quite a lull before they came on. The crowd resorted to doing waves and at one point the Macarena (prompted by three energetic and not shy girls in the ground stands).

During the opening act performance, I had noticed there was a lack of screens which I was unaccustomed to (having been to the o2 where you get multiple ones) so was very sceptical if the small screen just above the stage would make a difference at all. Once MCR finally came on, the screen helped though I would have preferred more close up shots (being so far away).

I recorded only a few clips, of which I’ve chosen two to upload. The first is ‘Sing!’ and the second ‘Planetary Go!’

MCR – Sing!
MCR–Planetary Go!

One thing I noticed is that there is a great variety amongst the MCR fans. There were not only teens but also older generations and next to me sat a Dad with his punkie spiked hair son. Rock on!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would go again though I would need some stamina boosting snacks and drinks and a really comfortable pair of shoes! One benefit for those at the back is that you can feel the air con more, towards the end of the concert, I was freezing!

Also, another cool thing during the performance was that Gerard (main singer) picked up a fan’s present – a blue, red and white striped blazer with an emblem on the back (I guess she must have thrown it on stage) and after we chanted him to ‘put it on’, he did. This is not the amazing part, the amazing part is that he kept it on for a whole song despite being so damn hot (we know because he mentioned this before).

The only thing left to say is that I’m now an MCR fan.

Assa restaurant review

Went out again Sunday, this time for a friend’s birthday and we had Korean. Assa – the Romilly Street branch is actually one we frequent quite a lot as they provide good Korean food for affordable prices. They do have another branch on St. Giles High Street, which was the first and more well known albeit smaller. However, saying that, the branch I go to is quite small too, alright for small sized parties up to 8 I would say. If you have a larger party, they can still accommodate you as I have done so with a party of around 15, we took up three long tables and just managed to fit!

That night we ordered a variety of Korean staple dishes, rice cake in chilly sauce (or ‘ddukboki’ – I like how it sounds), seafood kimchi pancake, BBQ pork belly and sliced ox tongue, spicy stir fried squid, spicy deep fried chicken gizzard, sliced egg roll and steamed rice. We also got some soju and sake – the ‘Chungha’ sake is very delicious, very smooth, light and deceptive because it doesn’t taste much like alcohol though be wary as it’s still 14% alc.

The food was very delicious, my first time having rice cake here though I’ve eaten it elsewhere and it surprisingly surprised me as it also had noodles, thinly sliced rice cake as well as the normal long kind.

The seafood kimchi pancake I’ve had before, in just seafood and just kimchi versions – together they made a lovely combo. Whilst the pork belly was nicely cooked, the ox tongue was more thickly cut than how I have eaten it in the past so I had some trouble chewing it. Still lovely but just takes time.

A bizarre new favourite for me is the spicy deep fried chicken gizzard, they looked like Chinese sweet and sour chicken but with the variation that it was spicy and once you bit into it, there was a noticeable difference in the texture. Bit chewy but very delicious. Couldn’t fault the sliced egg roll or the stir fried squid…or the steamed rice.

The dinner was very spicy all in all and the free, cold green tea (they don’t serve tap water which I think is great!) was drunk heavily. Service was decent though you may have trouble with the waiters not being able to speak English properly. I thought it was enough for communicating our orders though.


Food: 4/5

Service: 3/5

Atmosphere: 3/5

Pricing: 4/5

Verdict: Very good Korean food and great value for money – something you definitely would want when dining in London.

Bincho restaurant review

Had dinner with a friend the other night before heading to a ‘My Chemical Romance’ concert. ‘Bincho’ is a yakitori grill restaurant and was not our first choice to go, as my friend had her heart set  upon a handmade udon restaurant around the corner. Unfortunately for us, they were not opened (opening  hours were different but then we were eating quite early for dinner).

Anyways, as we walked into the restaurant we were immediately greeted by the smell and smoke of the grill…nice. Already I had concerns of how we would smell later at the concert. The menu consisted of mostly grilled skewers of meat, fish and vegetables with the prices reflecting that of only one skewer but it stated the order would be a minimum of 2 each.I find the logic in this just totally…pointless, why not just double the prices and say it’s two of each? You’re gonna be bound to notice this and if not, the waitress points it out to you. Eliminate the extra work and the customer having to subconciously double the price in their heads. I might sound harsh here but I figure when you eat, you shouldn’t have to do any extra work at all. Should be straightforward, clear and simple.

Having chosen our food, we signaled the waitress over and ordered.

She asks ‘Any drinks?’

I answer, ‘What are the drinks?’

Now, before I had noticed there were no drinks on the one sheet menu but thought maybe it had been because it was one of those places you had to ask about for drinks. Either that or you had to strain to see some on a board on the wall. She apologizes and hands us the drinks menu. Strike one.

Our saya salad arrived first which consisted of mixed leaves, avocado, salmon, shaved daikon (radish) and seasoned flakes with lemon dressing. This was…ok but consisted mostly of rocket, lettuce, some lambs lettuce and small amounts of the rest, despite appearances of a pretty generous pile up. We ate this for quite awhile before our eel and duck skewers came. Then the seven samurai, a dish recommended if you are not sure what to get and made up of seven of their ‘popular’ skewers which was salmon, asparagus, chicken wings, prawn, pork belly, chicken and spring onions and shitake mushrooms. Now…the skewers were ok, decent for what you expect them to be, nothing really special about them. Without the sauce we ordered, they would have been very plain. Something you could do yourself  using a home grill.

We also ordered an yakitori onigiri which is grilled rice ball with seaweed. It came as described but even I know that an onigiri means it should be seaweed wrapped. The seaweed was lying on the side unceremoniously folded. Also, the onigiri was more like the kind of rice you got at the bottom of a rice cooker, hard n crispy but just slightly seasoned with soy sauce. The seaweed strip I mentioned was also just half of what you’d find in packets of seaweed you buy for wrapping sushi. Safe to say, you could have done this at home and it would have cost you less.

Service was standard, awkward at times as both manager and waitress would randomly dip in to grab finished plates, and not in a good way. All in all, if you find no creativity in the food, feel you could have done this at home,then it wasn’t a great dinner out. Another thing you should be warned is while the place has a nice Japanese exterior, the place gets very smokey (because of the grill of course) so your clothes WILL end up smelling if you are near the front part of the restaurant.


Service 3/5
Food 3/5
Atmosphere 3/5
Pricing 2/5 (only a let down because food was disappointing)

Verdict: Average but below average in regards with the standard you normally get and expect in central London.

Just overly disappointing, would not go again.